NZDipBus results notification and issuing of diplomas

For enquiries about results notification, learner transcripts and issue of diplomas, please contact Data Management & Learner Records.

Diplomas and result transcripts

Subject to any withholding or cancellation of results, students will be sent their diploma once they have met all requirements for the qualification and NZQA has received payment of the required fees.

The diploma will be awarded in the joint names of NZQA and the relevant TEO.

Note: Students and authorised agencies may access official individual learner result transcripts from NZQA. For further information, contact Data Management & Learner Records.

Form of documentation

Individual learner result transcripts and the issued diplomas will be in a form decided by NZQA.

NZQA diplomas and individual learner result transcripts are the only official documents which are valid as evidence of achievement of NZDipBus.

Issuing of the Diploma certificate by TEOs

TEOs may issue their own NZDipBus certificates subject to the following conditions:

  • The TEO has a formal agreement with the NZQA to issue the NZDipBus diploma.
  • The conditions of the formal agreement are met.
  • The NZQA logo, seal and Chief Executive's signature do not appear on the diploma.
  • NZQA is advised of the details (full name, address, date of birth, gender, ethnicity) of graduates, and the date of the award of the diploma.

Note: Information regarding a formal agreement to issue diploma may be obtained by contacting Data Management & Learner Records.

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