2012-2015 Overview

Māori Governance Review Plan

For more information, read the Māori Governance Review Plan (DOC, 276KB).


In June 2013 the two Māori Governance qualifications were given 'Approval to Develop'.

The Governance Group then further developed and aligned the qualifications for 'Approval to List' on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework. This development was aligned with a MM EQA approach including consideration of:

  • Qualification Award
  • Review Period
  • Qualification Specifications – Arrangements for managing consistency; Credit transfer and recognition of prior learning arrangements; Standards of achievement and grade endorsements; prerequisites; mandatory and optional conditions
  • Conditions relating to specific outcomes.

The review

Qualifications in Māori Governance (at levels 1-6, excluding university qualifications) were reviewed as part of the nation-wide mandatory review of qualifications.

The review was led by a Governance Group appointed based on their expertise within the Māori Governance field and assisted by Māori Qualifications Services (NZQA) and Te Wānanga o Aotearoa as the project team.

The Governance Group confirmed the development of the Māori Governance under Mātauranga Māori Evaluative Quality Assurance (MM EQA) which acknowledged that a distinctive approach was required in order to quality assure Mātauranga Māori qualifications, programmes, and organisations credibly.

Draft Qualifications from consultations:

October 2014

November 2014

  • Manu Taiko – Toro Parirau (Kaupae 4)
  • Manu Taiko – Hoka Rangi (Kaupae 6)

December 2013

  • Manu Taiko - Toro Parirau (Kaupae 4) at December 2013
  • Manu Taiko – Hoka Rangi (Kaupae 6) at December 2013

Submission of draft qualifications

The Governance group met in October 2014 to address the outcome of the 'Approval to List’" application evaluation report and consultation with the quality assurance analyst.  The issues were addressed and resolved and resubmittedfor quality assurance. All appropriate supporting documentation had beenresubmitted with the confidence that the qualifications would meet the needs of te ao Māori – whānau, hapū, iwi, hāpori and Aotearoa.Consultation on revised proposed Māori Governance QualificationsProposed Timeline

In June 2013 the Application to Develop two Māori Governance qualifications was approved.


For enquiries about the review, please email qualification.reviews@nzqa.govt.nz.

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