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Note:  Standard setting responsibilities for these standards have been transferred to Toitū te Waiora (Community, Health, Education and Social Services) Workforce Development Council.

Resources have been developed to support interpretation of these standards and to assist assessors of ECE unit standards to develop their own quality assessment material.

These resources are intended as a guide only, and are not teaching plans. It is expected that assessors will adapt these resources and develop assessments that are relevant to the context their assessment occurs in. Generic resources and guidelines are available for those involved in assessment against standards.

The material is intended to:

  • be relevant in a range of contexts and ECE services
  • assist assessors to develop resources that promote quality assessment of ECE unit standards
  • enable assessors to assess effectively, efficiently, and consistently.

The material has assessor guidelines, candidate instructions, assessment task/s, and assessment schedules.

As with all assessment resources, education organisations will need to follow their own quality control processes. Teachers must manage authenticity for any assessment from a public source, because learners may have access to the assessment schedule or student exemplar material. Using these assessment resources without modification may mean that learners' work is not authentic. The teacher may need to change figures, case studies, data sources or set a different context or topic to be investigated, or a different task to do.

Level 3

Standard ID Credits Title Guidelines  

10013 v6


Explain the relevance of the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whāriki as a framework for programme development.

Assessor guidelines (PDF, 346KB)

Assessor Guidelines (DOCX, 821KB)

Student Guidelines (DOCX, 815KB)

10019 v6


Describe and contribute to safe practices and a safe environment for children in an ECE service.

Assessor guidelines (PDF, 379KB)

Assessor guidelines (DOCX, 898KB)

Student Guidelines (DOCX, 879KB)

26707 v4


Describe the value of play and create resources for children’s development and learning in an ECE service

Assessor guidelines (PDF, 338KB)

Assessor Guidelines (DOCX, 893KB)

Student Guidelines (DOCX, 870KB)

26708 v4


Develop respectful, reciprocal and responsive relationships with children in an ECE service

Assessor guidelines (PDF, 341KB)

Assessor Guidelines (DOCX, 892KB)

Student Guidelines (DOCX, 877KB)

Level 5

Standard ID Credits Title Resources  

26714 v2


Demonstrate knowledge of ethical behaviour in relation to an ECE service

ASM 26714 (PDF, 184KB)



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