Music Technology - annotated vocal score exemplars level 3 US23730

Operate music sequencing, editing, and music notation application(s)

This unit standard involves operating music sequencing and editing application(s) for a music or performing arts situation; and operating music notation application(s).

The exemplar is for task three of the assessment only. The key focus of this assessment is the candidate’s ability to operate musical software to prepare and edit a 4-part vocal score. The completed score will follow notation conventions as defined in the standard. Scores must contain lyrics and/or vocalese.

Assessing against the standard, in this instance, requires candidates to create a vocal score from Jordan Luck’s Why Does Love Do this to me.  Originally sourced from Nature's Best.


Commentary Student response

To gain Achievement candidates will operate music notation application(s).

This will involve accurate score layout and editing. Candidates will need to meet all the criteria in the range under the outcome and evidence requirements of the standard.

This exemplar displays the above requirements as it uses SATB and is 17 bars in length. The score contains six notation conventions as required by the standard. Lyrics are aligned with vocal parts.

WhyDoesLoveExemplrA (PDF, 468KB)


Commentary Student response

To gain Merit, in addition to the requirements of Achievement, candidates will include second verse lyrics.

This exemplar demonstrates use of second verse, together with the addition of chorus, while maintaining 4-part vocal harmony. The score uses the full range of notation conventions as listed in the standard.

Keeping this exemplar at Merit is the absence of a repeat sign at bar 14 to take vocalists back to Verse 2. This means stylistic consistency is not fully adhered to.

WhyDoesLoveExemplrMPt1 (PDF, 299KB)

WhyDoesLoveExemplrMPt2 (PDF, 293KB)

WhyDoesLoveExemplrMPt3 (PDF, 200KB)


Commentary Student response

To gain Excellence candidates will meet the requirements of Merit together with the addition of displaying stylistic consistency.

This exemplar meets the full requirements of notation conventions listed in the standard. Further, the score shows stylistic consistency with the inclusion of ‘omit 2nd time’ instruction. The score also displays refinement with the use of phrasing in all vocal parts.

WhyDoesLoveExemplrEPt1 (PDF, 282KB)

WhyDoesLoveExemplrEPt2 (PDF, 291KB)

WhyDoesLoveExemplrEPt3 (PDF, 208KB)

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