Sociology unit standards


2021 Review of Sociology unit standards

Thank you for your feedback.  The unit standards are about to be submitted for the technical quality evaluation, prior to being re-registered on the Framework.

While the consultation has formally closed, we still value any feedback you may have, to Thank you.

NZQA National Qualifications Services (NQS) is reviewing unit standards listed on the Directory of Assessment Standards (DAS) in domain Sociology (Domain - Sociology ( as part of their regular maintenance. NQS invites feedback on the draft reviewed unit standards and Teaching and Learning Guide (DOCX, 115KB).

ID Title Level Credits
8989 (DOCX, 28KB) Explain a sociological theory 1 4
8990 (DOCX, 28KB) Examine sociological theories 2 5
8991 (DOCX, 28KB) Evaluate sociological theories 3 5
8993 (DOCX, 28KB) Describe a social institution 1 4
8994 (DOCX, 29KB) Examine a social institution 2 4
8995 (DOCX, 29KB) Evaluate a social institution 3 4
8997 (DOCX, 28KB) Describe a social structure 1 4
8998 (DOCX, 28KB) Examine a social structure 2 4
8999 (DOCX, 29KB) Evaluate a social structure 3 4
9001 (DOCX, 29KB) Conduct a directed quantitative sociological enquiry 1 5
9002 (DOCX, 29KB) Conduct a guided quantitative sociological enquiry 2 6
9003 (DOCX, 29KB) Conduct an independent quantitative sociological enquiry 3 6
9005 (DOCX, 29KB) Conduct a directed qualitative sociological enquiry 1 5
9006 (DOCX, 29KB) Conduct a guided qualitative sociological enquiry 2 6
9007 (DOCX, 29KB) Conduct an independent qualitative sociological enquiry 3 6
28119 (DOCX, 28KB) Describe a social process 1 4
28120 (DOCX, 28KB) Examine a social process 2 4
28121 (DOCX, 28KB) Evaluate a social process 3 4

The only content change in these draft reviewed standards and Guide is an explicit reference to the possibility of using Māori and/or Pasifika concepts and/or contexts in assessments related to these standards.

You are invited to comment on the draft reviewed unit standards and Teaching and Learning Guide.  Feedback should be sent to by Monday 23 August.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to the ongoing quality of these standards.

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For more information and/or comments regarding these unit standards, please email:

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