Background to the New Zealand Qualifications Framework

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The New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) is the heart of New Zealand’s education system. All qualifications – both secondary and tertiary – listed on the NZQF come with an assurance of quality that is recognised and trusted worldwide.

You can read about the structure of the NZQF and the qualifications within it on the Understanding the New Zealand Qualifications Framework page.

The benefits of a qualifications framework

The NZQF is a definitive source for accurate information about all quality assured qualifications. This allows you to benchmark your level of skill and knowledge on the NZQF and makes it easier for countries and regions to compare qualifications.

For employers it makes explicit what graduates can “do, be and know” on completion of the qualification. And for all parties it lays out pathways to further education, employment and/ or a contribution to their community.

Qualifications can be achieved in different settings including the workplace and education institutions. This allow learners to achieve it in ways most suited to their educational, work or cultural needs and aspirations.

The qualifications framework is also important for recognising and helping to advance mātauranga Māori.

Background to our quality assured framework

The NZQF was one of the first qualifications frameworks in the world. After this, many other countries followed suit with their own national frameworks.

It is administered by The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and is based on clear learning outcomes – the skills, knowledge and application demonstrated to complete a specific qualification.

The usefulness, relevance and value of the qualification is directly linked with the workforce and skill needs of individuals, groups of learners, employers, industry and communities.

Qualifications are developed collaboratively with a wide range of stakeholders so parties can rely on the integrity of the processes used and the information provided.

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