The copyright in New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) publications and other materials on NZQA's websites (together referred to as "NZQA materials"), unless otherwise stated, belongs to NZQA.   

Materials in which copyright belongs to others will be noted as such.  NZQA is unable to give permission for use of the materials of others.  To use that material the permission of the copyright owner will need to be obtained unless the use is allowable under the copyright laws of New Zealand.

Except in the restricted circumstances set out below, NZQA materials on this website are licensed under the Creative Commons BY Attribution 3.0 New Zealand Licence.  In essence, the Creative Commons Licence allows you to copy, distribute and adapt the NZQA materials, as long as you attribute the materials to NZQA as the copyright holder and abide by the other Licence terms. To view a copy of this Licence, visit the Creative Commons website.  Attribution to NZQA as the copyright holder should be in written form and not by reproduction of the NZQA logo.

Restricted circumstances

The New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) and the Directory of Assessment Standards (DAS) contain materials that include the following:

  • qualification details
  • unit standards and achievement standards
  • assessment materials
  • consent and moderation requirements for standards (CMRs)
  • National Certificate of Educational Achievement and Scholarship examination material.

These materials can be cited and can be used as reference materials. 

However, some of these materials have been developed by third parties.  While copyright resides with NZQA, for uses of the material other than for citation or reference NZQA permission for the use must be obtained.  NZQA may consult with the third party.  As a result it may be that the attribution needs to include the third party.  If so, NZQA will advise the user that is seeking permission.

Where National Certificate of Educational Achievement and Scholarship examination material is to be used for a commercial purpose, fees are charged by NZQA.

Education providers proposing to use unit or achievement standards in providing education require NZQA consent to assess learners against those standards.  This ensures that the providers are able to register, on a learner’s official record of achievement managed by NZQA, the credits a learner gains from achieving the standards.

To find out how to apply for consent to assess against standards see Standards accreditation.

For NCEA and Scholarship examination material that incorporates third-party copyright content, unless permission of the third party has been given or unless an exception in the Copyright Act applies to the affected content, NZQA will provide the examination material with the third-party copyright content removed (where possible a reference to the source will be given).

New Zealand secondary schools have access to NCEA and Scholarship examination material through the secure schools' website maintained by NZQA, in accordance with section 44A of the Copyright Act 1994.

Reproduction of NZQA logo

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority logo, including its key elements, is a registered trademark, and use of it without NZQA permission will infringe New Zealand trademark laws.

Guidelines for appropriate use of the NZQA logo are available from Communications.

The following are uses of the NZQA logo for which permission can be gained:

  • Award of qualifications
    Organisations that have been granted permission by NZQA to award qualifications may use the NZQA logo on these awards. For more information contact the Tertiary Records team.
  • Government agencies
    Government agencies may use the NZQA logo only if NZQA has granted permission in writing. If NZQA has agreed to the use of its logo, a member of NZQA's Communications team will supply the logo. For more information contact Communications.

Internet sites wishing to link to NZQA websites

Internet sites may link to NZQA websites or material on it, and use the NZQA logo in doing so. However, only the following statement about NZQA may be made when referring to NZQA:

"The New Zealand Qualifications Authority ensures that New Zealand qualifications are valued as credible and robust, both nationally and internationally.

"NZQA is accountable for:

  • managing the New Zealand Qualifications Framework,
  • administering the secondary school assessment system,
  • independent quality assurance of non-university education providers,
  • qualifications recognition,
  • standard setting for some specified unit standards, and
  • the development of qualifications in specific fields."

NZQA Registered Providers

NZQA accreditations, programme or training scheme approvals, and consents do not entitle an organisation to use the NZQA logo either except to the extent noted above (for the award of certain qualifications, and by permitted government agencies).

NZQA registration (of private training establishments, for example) does not entitle the establishment to use the NZQA logo in any context.

A registered private training establishment may make the following statement on certificates, in publications and in publicity material, in relation to its status:

"A private training establishment that has been granted registration by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under Subpart 5 of Part 4 of the Education and Training Act 2020."


"He mea rēhita nā te Mana Tohu Matauranga o Aotearoa kia tū hei Whai Whakangungu Motuhake i raro i te maru o te huinga iti 5 o te wāhanga 4 o te Pire Mātauranga me te Whakangungu 2020."

Conditions of use for past digital exams

These past NCEA and Scholarship examination materials containing third party copyright are supplied to students under sections 44A (as an authenticated user in a course of instruction) and 51 of the Copyright Act 1994.

You must comply with your obligations under the Copyright Act 1994 for any subsequent use this material. 
In particular you must only use it for research or private study under section 43 of the Copyright Act, and you cannot make more than one copy of this material on any one occasion.

We have tried to include accurate references for all resources used in this material. Please inform the New Zealand Qualifications Authority of any errors or omissions.

These past digital exam papers were published between 1 April and 11 May 2020. Please contact if you require the actual date of publication for a specific exam.

Queries on copyright and logo use

For any further questions regarding these matters email Communications or contact:

The Manager
New Zealand Qualifications Authority
PO Box 160


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