Programme Approval, Recognition, and Accreditation Rules 2022

6. New Zealand programme recognition

  1. An application for recognition of a New Zealand programme under section 438B must contain the following information, and will be assessed against that information:

Criterion 1 - Title and purpose statement

The title identifies the qualification to which the New Zealand programme leads.

There is a suitable purpose statement.

Criterion 2 - Structure, length and coherence

The structure (including components and learning outcomes), length and coherence of the whole New Zealand programme are adequate and appropriate and clearly meet the graduate profile and specification for the qualification as listed on the NZQCF.

Any standards to be used in the New Zealand programme are to be identified.

Criterion 3 - Delivery methods

The delivery methods must be adequate and appropriate, given the stated learning outcomes for the programme. Where specific resources are necessary for the programme to be provided, those resources are clearly outlined.

Criterion 4 - Collaboration, acceptability and consultation

There is a written summary of the collaborative process and consultation undertaken, the views expressed, and consideration of the views. The consultation and summary must identify the bodies that participated and articulate the need for and acceptability of the programme to the relevant communities (including ākonga, whānau, hapū, iwi and where appropriate, hapori Māori) and other key stakeholders (including the qualification developer, institutions that will be providing the programme, other standard-setting bodies, and any relevant academic, employer, industry, regulatory, professional and other bodies).

Criterion 5 - Regulations

There are clear, relevant, and appropriate regulations that specify requirements for:

  • admission
  • credit recognition and transfer
  • recognition of prior learning
  • programme length and structure
  • integration of practical and work-based components
  • assessment procedures, including authenticity of student work
  • normal progression within the programme
  • details for transitioning from an approved programme to the recognised New Zealand programme, for both students and accredited institutions.

Criterion 6 - Assessment and moderation

Assessment methodology is fair, valid, consistent and appropriate given the stated learning outcomes.  Any assessment requirements, in addition to those specified in standards used in the programme, are identified.

There is an effective system for moderation of assessment materials and decisions.

Criterion 7 - Review

The approved standard-setting body:

  • assesses the currency and content of the programme
  • has adequate and effective processes for the ongoing review of the programme, taking account of the results of any review of the qualification
  • has adequate and effective processes for monitoring the quality of outcomes for learners and other stakeholders, and for reviewing programme regulations and content
  • updates the programme accordingly. 
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