Private Training Establishment Registration Rules 2021

4. Information requirements in applications for registration of private training establishments

  1. In addition to the information required by section 344(2)(a) - (e) of the Act for applications for registration of a PTE, the following further information is required for the purposes of section 344(2)(f) of the Act:
    1. a list of the names of the governing members (as that term is defined in section 10(1) of the Act):
    2. a list of any material conflicts of interest of the PTE, and of any interests of the PTE, or of its body corporate owner(s), in organisations in the education or immigration sector that  provide goods or services to tertiary students:
    3. in the context of the information required by section 344(2)(a) of the Act (being the kinds of education proposed to be provided and the outcomes the establishment seeks to achieve), a description of how the PTE will meet the needs of its intended students, of its relevant communities (including whānau, hapū, iwi, or hāpori Māori) and other key stakeholders (including any relevant academic, employer, industry, runānga, mārae, professional and other bodies)
    4. an organisation chart of the staff positions ( whether employees or contracted staff) and the names of the staff currently in, or appointed to, those positions:
    5. copies of the curriculum vitae and position descriptions of senior managers (as defined in section  10(1) of the Act):
    6. a copy of the PTE's quality management system that applies across all aspects of its business and as a minimum must include policies and procedures for:
      1. organisational self-assessment for the purposes of EER:
      2. decision-making, financial delegations, and financial controls:
      3. personnel recruitment and management:
      4. information management, including systems for the  collection,  recording and transfer of student records, and financial, statistical and other  information that the PTE must supply to, or keep available for, government agencies:
      5. enrolment procedures:
      6. management of risks:
      7. student complaints, student discipline and appeals, ensuring the policies and procedures are fair and equitable:
      8. compliance with rules made under section 452(1)(e) of the Act for student fee protection.
  2. Applicants must use the application form available on NZQA's website, and pay a deposit of $750 GST inclusive to NZQA.

5. Requests for Te Hono o Te Kahurangi quality assurance

  1. When applying for registration of a PTE, an applicant may request that Te Hono o Te Kahurangi quality assurance is used for assessment of the application.
  2. An applicant making a request under rule 5.1, in addition to providing the information required under rule 4.1, must provide the information that the Te Hono o Te Kahurangi quality assurance framework and tools require.
  3. NZQA will evaluate a request made under rule 5.1, together with the information supplied, in accordance with Te Hono o Te Kahurangi quality assurance.
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