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Kia ora and welcome to the Tikanga Assessment Support Material.

These resources have been designed to assist teachers and tutors in assessing students against the relevant Tikanga Māori unit standards listed on the Directory of Assessment Standards (DAS).

Alternatively, they can be used as a guide to help assessors develop their own tasks and assessment schedules.

NZQA would like to acknowledge the efforts of all those whose work and experience have yielded this practical resource.

Individual Ākonga Booklets

Kaupae (Level) 1

ID Standard Title
16160 Describe the characteristics and actions of a selected atua in accordance with ngā kōrero tuku iho (3 Credits)

Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 356KB)

Pukapuka Ākonga (Reo Māori) (PDF, 383KB)

16165 Describe a hui and the roles associated with hui in accordance with tikanga and/or kawa (2 Credits)

Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 288KB)

Pukapuka Ākonga (Reo Māori) (PDF, 451KB)

27106 Describe the terms associated with whakapapa and use them within a family structure (2 Credits)

Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 354KB)

Pukapuka Ākonga (Reo Māori) (PDF, 543KB)

27108 Describe the protocols and roles associated with pōwhiri in accordance with tikanga and/or kawa (2 Credits)

Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 357KB)

Pukapuka Ākonga (Reo Māori) (PDF, 409KB)

Kaupae 2

ID Standard Title
16043 Examine different accounts of Māori migration prior to Pākehā contact (6 Credits)

Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 346KB)

Pukapuka Ākonga (Reo Māori) (PDF, 484KB)

16044 Describe historical events of one hapū or iwi (4 Credits)

Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 379KB)

Pukapuka Ākonga (Reo Māori) (PDF, 431KB)

16054 Describe the life and achievements of a Māori leader (3 Credits)

Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 330KB) (PDF, 330KB)

Pukapuka Ākonga (Reo Māori) (PDF, 493KB)

Kaupae 3


Standard Title

16136 Explain kawa and tikanga in relation to hui mārena (6 Credits)

Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 312KB)

Pukapuka Ākonga (Reo Māori) (PDF, 471KB)

16041 Explain the place of pūrākau or pakiwaitara in Māori history (6 Credits)

Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 315KB)

Pukapuka Ākonga (Reo Māori) (PDF, 499KB)

29555 Explain kawa and tikanga in relation to hui rā whānau (4 Credits)

Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 295KB)

Pukapuka Ākonga (Reo Māori) (PDF, 482KB)

Full set of Support Materials

Ākonga Booklet (PDF, 2.3MB) (PDF, 1.6MB)

Pukapuka Ākonga (PDF, 2.5MB) (PDF, 1.7MB)

Assessor Booklet (PDF, 3.1MB) (PDF, 1.7MB)

Te Iti a Taranga

Māori Qualifications Services (MQS), have recently developed five new unit standards (5 credits each at Level 3) to recognise the inherent skills and knowledge that ākonga may already possess or have developed over time.

This suite of mātāpono (principles) based standards are named Te Iti a Taranga which represent some of the qualities characterised in her son Mauī and his four brothers.

The suite of new standards below differs from the standards currently listed in Field Māori in that they are context-free and can be used across a range of contexts and kaupapa which give the flexibility to students who are involved in activities and work outside of school.


For more information, please email MQS@nzqa.govt.nz


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