Designing assessment activities

When designing assessment activities, it is important to identify the required outcomes, and assess against these outcomes.

  • Outcomes identify the skills or knowledge to be achieved. Evidence requirements and range statements identify the evidence to be considered.
  • Assessment activities:
    • assess against the outcomes
    • provide instructions that are clear, complete, easily understood and give the candidate the opportunity to meet the requirements of the unit standard(s).
      See Assessment tools and approaches for ideas.
  • An assessment schedule (DOC, 28KB):
    • specifies the evidence expected from the candidate for each element being assessed
    • includes judgement statement(s) which identify the standard to be achieved.

Designing assessment tasks

When designing new assessment tasks, consider:

  • Which outcome(s) will the assessment activity be based on?
  • Can assessment against outcomes from other standards be integrated?
  • Will the assessment be integrated with the learning programme or normal workplace activity, or will it be a special event?
  • What underpinning knowledge, skills (including generic skills) and ideas required need to be incorporated into the assessment activity?
  • What conditions should apply (e.g. test conditions, assessment completed in candidate's own time, reference to source documents allowed, etc.)?
  • What degree of learner interaction and assessor assistance is allowable in completing the activity? Is specific direction or only general guidance appropriate?
  • Will the student have the opportunity to produce sufficient evidence, i.e. is there enough evidence to make a judgement about competence, and could the performance to the required standard be repeated consistently?
  • Does each assessment task validly assess the outcome, i.e. does it assess what it should assess (in terms of the standard) and not something else?
  • Can authenticity be assured, i.e. is it the learner who has produced the evidence, or is outside assistance distorting the assessment?


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