Briefing school staff

The Principal’s Nominee should brief school staff to ensure the smooth running of examinations. The following information should assist staff in preparing for exams.

The Principal's Nominee, ECM, supervisors and office staff should all know what to tell students who arrive without an admission slip.

Teaching staff

Ensure that teaching staff:

  • are aware of rooms or areas where and when exams are being held and arrange furniture as appropriate
  • remove, or securely cover, material in exam rooms, such as books, posters, loose refill paper or student work
  • are advised daily where exams are being held and who is on duty
  • assist with keeping exam areas quiet during interval, lesson changeovers and after school
  • understand that contact with the ECM is through the Principal's Nominee and not directly by staff members 
  • know that exam papers will only be released by the ECM to the Principal's Nominee at their discretion. Papers are available online no later than two working days after the examination day. Any exams with third-party copyright material are available from the school’s secure login
  • know that it is a breach of NZQA exam rules to enter or attempt to enter any room when an exam is being prepared for or is in progress. Any such breach is investigated by NZQA
  • provide the Exam Centre Manager with any subject specific resources, as detailed in their assessment specifications
  • assist supervisors by clearing calculator memories before exam sessions
  • understand that during the examination period technicians will be required to support digital exams, candidates requiring special assistance conditions and exams using specialist equipment
  • are familiar with school alarms and access if visiting the school when exams are taking place.

Office staff and technical support

Ensure that office staff are:

  • provided with a copy of the examination timetable and exam room locations
  • able to direct late arriving or lost candidates to the information area or room
  • informed that there may be candidates from other schools sitting exams at the school. Ask the office staff to direct these candidates to the information area or correct exam room
  • made fully aware that they must sign for but not open any mail, courier bags or boxes addressed to the Exam Centre Manager.
  • fully aware of the protocol for promptly delivering material addessed to the Exam Centre Manager, and that this may be required urgently
  • briefed on the protocols for securing materials addressed to the Exam Centre Manager in a lockable room, cupboard or safe if the Exam Centre Manager is not on site
  • familiar with the process for managing candidates who arrive without an admissions slip and require a replacement.

Property Manager, caretaker and grounds staff

Ensure that the Property Manager, caretaker and grounds staff are:

  • briefed about requirements and movements for the examination period, including furniture, room usage and set up, and alarms
  • aware that noisy activity, including any renovations or lawn mowing, should stop during examination time, in the vicinity of the examination rooms
  • to check any building or grounds renovations planned for the school, or planned for the vicinity of the exams, and ensure these will not create noise or disruption or are re-scheduled.

Technical support

Ensure that staff providing resources or technical support are:

  • briefed about specific requirements for the exam period, including when and where the exams are to be held
  • timetabled to provide technical support during relevant exam sessions: digital exams, the recording/burning CDs following NZ Scholarship language examinations, and computer use by SAC candidates
  • aware that when they are timetabled they are onsite and are readily contactable.
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