New Zealand Scholarship results publication

Accessing New Zealand Scholarship results

In February, results for New Zealand Scholarship assessment from the previous year will be made available online through the learner login.

Scholarship reconsideration and review forms and New Zealand Scholarship monetary award application forms (where appropriate) will be available from the learner login only. See below for further details.

New Zealand Scholarship reconsiderations and reviews

What should I apply for?

Reviews & Reconsiderations deadlines:

  • Scholarship reviews:
    Friday, 5 March 2021
  • Scholarship reconsiderations:
    Friday, 5 March 2021

Reconsiderations and reviews are different. If you believe there has been a processing error in recording your result(s), for example, the results on your answer booklet do not match your online results, or one or more sections of your answer booklet(s) or mark sheet(s) appear to be unmarked you should apply for a 'Review'. In a review all sections of a booklet or portfolio are checked to make sure they have been marked and results correctly recorded and transferred. A review does not involve re-marking. There is no charge for a review.

If you believe your answer booklet or portfolio has not been assessed (or 'marked') correctly, you should apply for a 'Reconsideration'. A reconsideration involves reassessing all answers in the answer booklet using the original assessment schedule, in other words, re-marking it. It also involves checking mechanical processes, like transferring grades. 

New Zealand Scholarship reconsiderations cost $30.70 per standard (subject). Where the reconsideration leads to a change of final grade, the fee is refunded.

Fees for reconsiderations will be waived for students:

  • whose parent or guardian (or a person with relevant care responsibilities) is receiving a Work and Income or Study Link benefit; or
  • where the family income would entitle the family to receive a community services card.

Students apply for a reconsideration through their NZQA Learner Login. They will be directed to the fee waiver application form when they apply for a reconsideration. Their parent or guardian will need to supply a benefit number or attest that they meet the income limit.

For information about applying for a review, see New Zealand Scholarship Reviews.

For information about applying for a reconsideration, see New Zealand Scholarship Reconsiderations.

Monetary awards

If you are eligible for a monetary award, information about this and how to apply will be displayed with your New Zealand Scholarship results.

There are selection criteria that apply to the top monetary awards (and these may vary from year to year to take into account comparative performance). These are set out in the New Zealand Scholarship Rules and Procedures.

New Zealand Scholarship cut scores

New Zealand Scholarship score ranges provide the scores required for results of Scholarship and Outstanding Scholarship in each subject. It shows how your results compare to those of other New Zealand Scholarship candidates. These are made available once New Zealand Scholarship results are released each year. See New Zealand Scholarship Results for links to the results from recent years.

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