NZQA-led standards reviews and developments

This page is about reviews and developments facilitated by NZQA Māori Qualifications Services (MQS) and NZQA National Qualifications Services (NQS). MQS and NQS are responsible for the development, maintenance and review of nationally recognised assessment standards (generic and Field Māori) to support industry, employer, hapū, iwi and Government goals.

We work with industry, employers, professional groups, Whakaruruhau and other stakeholders to develop assessment standards that are nationally recognised and fit for purpose. NZQA has two standard setting bodies (SSB) responsible for the quality and credibility of the assessment standards that are submitted to NZQA for listing.

Māori Qualifications Services

Mātauranga Māori standards and qualifications have been developed with a Māori world view and in consultation with whānau, hapū, and iwi; and with the guidance and expertise of Whakaruruhau, Governance and Working Groups.

MQS Planned Reviews and Developments for 2023

Unit Standards

Manaaki Marae
- Marae Hospitality
31159, 31160, 31161, 31162, 31287, 31288
Ngā Mahi a te Whare Pora 7869-7873, 7876-7879, 7881, 7882, 7886, 7888, 7891, 7906-7909, 18691-18694, 18698, 18700, 18701, 18703, 27102, 29531, 29533, 29710, 29711, 30061, 30064, 30067, 31282, 31283, 31284, 31649- 31654
Reo Māori 30735-30766, 31614-31645
Tikanga 16032, 16033, 16034, 16038, 16042, 16046, 16051-16054, 16058, 16059, 16139, 16140, 16143, 16151, 16201, 27118, 27124, 31505-31509
Ngā Mokopuna (reclassified) 30339-30350
Whānau Ora 31422-31429, 31558

Completed reviews and developments 2023

National Qualifications Services

Adult Education and Training
  and Generic Education and Training
Pacific Studies
Core Generic Micro and Macro Economics
English for Academic Purposes Music Technology
English Language Niue Arts & Crafts
Financial Capability Science
Foundation and Bridging Sociology
Legal Studies Supported Learning
Literacy and Numeracy Vagahau Niue
Pacific Language  

NQS Unit Standard Reviews being undertaken in 2023

Core Generic   Self-Management
Social and Cooperative Skills
Work and Study Skills
Adult Education and Training   Design and Development of Adult Education and Training
Evaluation in Adult Education and Training
Management of Adult Education and Training
Generic Education and Training   Assessment of Learning
Open, Flexible, and Networked Learning
Research in Education
Languages English for Academic Purposes
Social Science Studies Legal Studies

The transfer of standards from NZQA National Qualifications Services to Workforce Development Councils

On the 4 October 2021, standard suites listed below were transferred from NQS to Workforce Development Councils.

The NZQF has been updated to reflect the current owner of the standard.

Suite WDC transferred to
Business (including Business Administration) Ringa Hora - Services
Cervical Screening Toitū te Waiora – Community Health Education and Social Services (CHESS)
Computing Toi Mai - Creative, Cultural, Recreation and Technology
Early Childhood Education Toitū te Waiora – Community Health Education and Social Services (CHESS)
Generic Design Toi Mai - Creative,Cultural, Recreation and Technology
Inclusive Education Toitū te Waiora – Community Health Education and Social Services (CHESS)
Mathematic in the Workplace (Trigonometry standard) Waihanga Ara Rau – Construction and Infrastructure

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The assessment standard review structure



For further information, please email either Māori Qualifications Services or National Qualifications Services.

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